DiCAPac Action


HYBRID, ROAD, MTB BICYCLE - All bicycle handle bar
Dicapac Action bike mounting system

  • ABS
  • 85g
  • Designed by Dicapac USA in California
    All products are made in Korea by Dicapac Inc.

The Dicapac Action mount goes well with outdoor activities. It is available for iPhone, Galaxy and all smartphones. If you want to explore the area surrounded by water, you will feel free to use your smart devices like iPhone or Galaxy. While you are riding a bicycle, it often comes with dust and sand. Never guess you meet the rain. It will be comfortable when you enjoy activities.


Easy to slide and lock

It is quite simplely Dicapac Action case to put on the mount and take off. You match the arrow sign and slide in. Once you used to with it, it won’t be irritated. To lock and to release of DP-1Bike mount is simply using the turning lever.  It fits all bicycle handle bar.


360º rotation and tilting system

The 360º rotation system with the Action mount goes any angles with you, feel free to take pictures with Dicapac Action. Dicapac Action adopts 360º rotation and tilting system. When your fingers are wet, you will not worry to use your smart devices.


Final marks : You should make sure of tying up the mount on the handle. We do not guarantee without your last check.